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Encoding Supports Ltd started doing business in Mauritius more than a decade ago. To offer IT-based services in the new era of globalisation was like a challenge at that time. But our company has lived up to the challenge and since, established itself among the numbers of small and medium enterprises operating in the new era of Business Process Outsourcing in Mauritius.

We are constantly focussed to cope with the rapid technological change in order to adapt to changing technologies and shifting product demands. This future trend in technology can only allow us to continually offer a quality service to our clients.


“I am impressed by Mauritius’ achievements in socio-economic development and in consolidating democracy. Its economic policies, focusing on growth and employment and its strong social welfare system, are models for others. These initiatives have contributed to helping Mauritius become an upper-middle-income country,” he added.
On the economic ground, Ban Ki-Moon reminded that Mauritius managed to maintain itself “as the most competitive economy of the sub-Saharan African region”.
“Information and communication technology will inevitably emerge as a major component of the economy in order to sustain innovation. Mauritius has created an enabling ecosystem for ICT-BPO companies to develop. This sector has democratised access to information and has drastically changed the way one carries out business, communicate, study, and spend leisure time.”
The ICT sector in Mauritius, ICTA

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